Archivio delle donne in Piemonte – English version

Archivio delle donne in Piemonte (ArDP) is a cultural Association born in Turin, Italy, in 2006. Women’s Associations and individual contributed to found it with the aim to give value to women’s history and memory by collecting documents and organizing cultural initiatives.
In these last years, ArDP has become increasingly well known in the regional area and is now attempting to find a national dimension, thinking about previous experiences of national networking like Lilith/Lilarca. Actually another direction the Association is aiming at is the transnational and European networking, at the moment at its very beginning.
From the foundation up today, the Archive collected women’s associations and individual documents collections, some of them related to the history of feminisms others to sciences, medicine, assistance.


Anna Cagna and Elena Petricola


Renata campini and Sara Staffieri


Anna Cagna
Renata Campini
Elena Petricola
Sara Staffieri
Ferdinanda Vigliani

Scientific Board